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No matter what you're good at,
there's a need for it.

You have the time. You have the talent. But how can you find the best way to apply your gifts to make an impact?

Right here. Help Your Neighbor connects you with people in your very own community who are in need of the resources you
have to give.

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

You decide.

Search posted needs by location, expertise and date.
Or post a need – on behalf of yourself, a family member or your community group.


We built Help Your Neighbor for you – to empower you to make a real
difference in the place where you live and in the lives of those around you.

Your city

Your City Page is your link to everything that's happening around you – not only to those who need help but also to what's going on in your community and what your neighbors are talking about.


Your Neighborhood

Start your own Neighborhood Page, and create a virtual community center
where you and your neighbors can connect and converse about
the things that matter to you.


Your neighbors need you. So when you participate on Help Your Neighbor, your contribution will be recognized with hearts that let everyone know what you're doing to help your community.

A social network for social good


When was the last time
social media was used for
the greater good?

Let's change that.

  • Get to know your neighbors from around the block and across town.
  • Make a lasting impact on the life of someone in need.
  • Transform your community into a better place to live.

starT building a better
community today