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October 15, 2015

Charlotte, N.C.-Based Social Network Leading Nationwide Revolution in Community Service

Founded by Charlottean Scot Campbell, Help Your Neighbor is the first-ever hyper-local social media network dedicated to connecting individuals who are in need directly with individuals in their own local community who have the abilities and resources necessary to provide assistance.… READ MORE

Scot Campbell


As an avid lifelong volunteer who devotes numerous hours weekly to serving neighbors in need, Scot Campbell gained first-hand insight into the number of individuals who fall through the cracks between government assistance and charity outreach programs.

Based on his personal experience, Scot felt strongly that this problem was rooted not in a lack of compassion or resources but rather in a lack of awareness. It was his drive to find a way to use technology as a catalyst to bring together those in need directly with those who have the time, skills and resources to help – not only in his own community but in communities across the nation – that provided the impetus behind the concept for Help Your Neighbor.

Ken Vuncannon


As president and CEO of Fame Foundry, Ken Vuncannon is at the helm of a corporation that is pioneering new ways to apply Web-based technologies in today’s marketplace.

Over the past 16 years, Ken has spearheaded groundbreaking new media initiatives for a wide range of international organizations. Drawing upon his depth of industry experience and expertise in software and web design, Ken’s focus is on building self-sustaining online community ecosystems that simultaneously exist for and are a product of their members. As a first-of-its-kind hyper-local social network that connects people who are in need directly with people who can help, Help Your Neighbor represents the paradigm of these types of ecosystems.

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